Saturday, September 8, 2007

toilet talk

Opportunities abound for building sustainable sanitation networks with composting toilets. This summer I pursued a few of many possibilities with several humanure projects.
The sawdust and bucket toilet system was used to provide sanitary faciities at a local goat farm where I work milking and cheesemaking part time: The single stall toilet was constructed with locally available alder poles, peeled by goats, lashed together with recycled baling twine. The toilet serves workers, customers, and visitors at the weekly farm tour.
Another installation was at a local kayak camp where ten toilets were built with volunteers, serving campers who attend training workshops for sea kayaking. The cost for ten Porta-Potties would have costg the camp owners about $500 rental fee for a one-week camp. The composting toilets and stalls were constructed for $300, and will continue to serve the toilet camp's toilet needs for years. Compost will be used to nourish fruit, nut and berry bushes onsite. Hats off to the camp owners, David and Ginni, for their efforts promoting humanure harvesting:
Future blogs will explore similar efforts to conserve water, recycle plant nutrients, and provide sustainable sanitation with composting toilets.
Alternatively, Larry